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Building IoT: A Hacker’s Journey

May 02, 2017

Being a first time home owner means a lot of different things, but in particular I’ve found it means fixing a lot of things. A garage door opener has been on my fix-it list for a while and I finally got around to solving it! This blog post will cover the IoT device I created and the security protections I baked in along the way!

DakotaCon 2017 CTF Write Ups

April 12, 2017

I was able to attend DakotaCon in Madison, SD again this year and staying true to the precedent from last year, it was a great time! The time I didn’t spend in the talks or training was spent on the CTF, of which my team and I were able to complete in 1st place! This blog post contains write-ups for various challenges.

Magic Mirror with DNS Filtering

February 06, 2017

Over a year ago I came across a Raspberry Pi project called Magic Mirror. The project uses a one-way mirror to overlay a reflective property on a computer monitor, while allowing display elements to “magically” appear on the mirror. I liked this project and went ahead and built my own, but with a twist. This blog post will briefly cover my Magic Mirror build and how I use it to manage and filter DNS on my network.

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